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Our Mission: Love at the core, Hope in our midst, inspired by Faith that calls us to act. HOPE Tour: Unshakable believes in Healing Opportunities for People Everywhere. We will travel to boldly love and serve our neighbors in need. With the help of each local community, we will build transformative unity. Join the movement because we all are blessed to be a blessing. 

We call this movement Hope Tour: Unshakable because if you have unshakable Hope as your identity, it makes it possible to love beyond limits.

HOPE: Healing Opportunities for People Everywhere | Unshakable. | A mission to boldly love & serve. | We are blessed to be a blessing. ๐Ÿ•Š


HOPE Tour seeks to:

(1) Share inviting faith, unshakable hope, and love beyond limits. 

(2) Meet pressing tangible needs in homeless communities, which will be made more effective through partnerships with local homeless shelters.

(3) Create sustainable change by building bridges between individuals in the homeless community and those nearby who can financially support specific needs (both within our partner churches and in the local community at large).

(4) Capture our journey using multimedia, including the creation of a documentary film, to highlight experiences of those in the homeless community and share the Hope we encounter along the way.