Launched Ithaca Homeless Crisis Campaign

Founded group to fundraise, educate & mobilize; raised over $8,000 for two nonprofits working directly with homelessness in the community; volunteer extensively and build relationships with homeless and help to provide for their needs

Organized Believe in Love Event 

ithaca, ny community event to promote social justice, equality, and volunteering with speakers, performers & celebrities. 

Interned for Second Year at Fox 29 

Assisted reporters and photographers with story development, wrote mock scripts for television newscasts, answered tip calls at the assignment desk, researched news stories, escorted celebrity guests, helped with audience relations






Interned for Tremr in London

Wrote articles, conducted interviews, helped with social media outreach for social blog site


Started Listen.Learn.Accept. (LLA) Photo Challenge

Social media campaign to promote acceptance for mood disorders, give high school presentations, coined the analogy "depression makes the world change from color to black and white." 



Named National Coca-Cola Scholar

Chosen as one of 150 scholars out of approximately 90,000 applicants for one of the most prestigious scholarships in the country

Gave Shawnee High School Graduation Speech 

Served as shawnee class president from 2011-2014 and led innovative initiatives. 

Chosen as Ithaca College Park Scholar

Full merit scholarship based on passion for communications, strong academic performance, leadership, and community service 





Elected Governor of American Legion Jersey Boys State

Elected to the highest position of Governor out of 967 delegates at boys state conference; led boys state as governor to create laws that the nj state legislature reviewed; spoke alongside u.s. senator cory booker at the commencement address 


Started Biehn Team 

Founded charitable organization; raised over $6,000 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association

Launched The World Around Us 

Created my own award-winning show on shawnee tv, the #1 most searched high school television network in the country.