HOPE Tour: Unshakable for Summer 2019


We see people across the country who lack the power of Hope yet crave healing and wholeness in their lives, so we seek to do our part to address this TOGETHER. Weโ€™re thrilled to have launched our life-changing pursuit, HOPE Tour: Unshakable.

Love at the core, Hope in our midst, inspired by Faith that calls us to act. We believe in Healing Opportunities for People Everywhere. We will travel to boldly love and serve our neighbors in need. With the help of local communities, we will build transformative unity.

We call this movement Hope Tour: Unshakable because if you have unshakable Hope as your identity, it makes it possible to love beyond limits.

Hope Tour is growing beyond its committed core to assemble an incredible team which will carry its vision across the East Coast and hopefully beyond. This summer, team members will travel to a series of cities to boldly love, serve and connect with people facing the challenges of homelessness and those in the surrounding communities.

This is a large-scale initiative that will meet pressing tangible needs in homeless communities. These efforts will be made more effective through partnerships with local homeless shelters. Our team also expects to create sustainable change by building bridges between individuals in the homeless community and those nearby (both within our partner churches and in the community at large) who can financially support specific needs.

Together and through our partnerships with churches, nonprofits, and other organizations, we will share inviting faith, unshakable hope, and love beyond limits. We will also capture our journey using multimedia, including the creation of a documentary film, to highlight experiences of those in the homeless community and share the Hope we encounter along the way.

We plan to serve & stop in a series of cities along the tour with your help. We are in immediate need of funds to help us make HOPE Tour: Unshakable happen. These donations will help cover crucial needs for our new friends we make who are who are homeless (packaged food, socks, water bottles, etc.), enable us to travel from place to place, and provide for the needs of our traveling team. Please consider donating by clicking our button above and sharing the link to other family & friends. We hope to serve hundreds of people in total with your help. You can also Venmo us @ HOPEtour. Thanks in advance!